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LAN gaming suggestion box
What LAN based PC game would you like to play?
Unreal Tournament 2004 or III
Quake 2, 3 or 4
Halo 1 or 2
Battlefield 2, 1942, 2142, Vietnam
Doom 3
Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Jedi Outcast
Strategy simulator such as Starcraft
Old skool arcade games
Don't see what you like? Email us with your suggestion to airpga@bellsouth.net

We have a wide Variety of games available to our Guests at our LAN Parties this year but are limited on how many games we can load on each system.

If you have a preference for a game not listed please email the Game Master CaptainHDY(airpga@bellsouth.net) with your Request.

Please vote here and you can also view the results right online too.



Games available:

  1. Unreal Tournament,

  2. Neverwinter Nights

  3. Halo

  4. Battle Front,

  5. Battle field 2

  6. The Sims,

  7. Doom 3,

  8. Quake III

  9. VTM

(Others upon Request)

   *Food Services as well as full service or self service Bars can be contracted for additional fees via SEADS or 3rd party Caterers

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